Press Release

Press Release

A press release is a written document prepared for the media - also called the press - that announces something newsworthy. This document is disseminated to the media so that journalists can use the information contained within in an upcoming TV or radio broadcast, a in a newspaper or magazine issue, or on the press media`s website.

There are a number of situations that might call for the use of a press release, such as:

Company announcement - Restructuring, expansion, relocation, new locations, strategic partnership, new financial backers or investors are all worthy of a press release.

Product announcement - New products, improved products, new brands, and new retail outlets carrying the product could all be announced through a press release.

Initiative announcement - New internal or external projects that impact the company`s community would be appropriate for a press release.

Employee announcement - New hires and promotions are worthy of a press release.

Honors or awards - Awards or special recognition given to a company, product, project, or employee are all press release-worthy.

Research results - Releasing the findings of a survey or study of some kind related to the business.

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